Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kivalina and astronomy

Last year (2009 - 2010 )I taught school in an Eskimo village north of the Arctic Circle on the remote island of Kivalina in northern Alaska. The Aurora were spectacular and the winter very cold. The villagers were friendly ann enjoyed looking at many celestial sights in my telescope.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Old Year 2008

This year I have traveled to the Temple of the Winds (picture 2) and the Parthenon (picture 4) on the Acroplis and Mars Hill and many Greek museums one in which I saw the Antykytheros Mechanism (picture3) in Athens Greece and visited the Oracle at Delphi and David and the Da Vinci museum in Florence Italy and climbed the tower of Pisa and attended USFS Nationals Competition in Saint Paul, MN where I saw Evan Lysacek tie with Jonny Weir and White and Davis win Dance and Mirai Nagasu win ladies comp and meeting Todd Eldridge, Kristi Yamaguchi, Tanith Belbin, Tai Bailonia and Randy Gardner and Elaine Zayak again won the gold cup in ice dance at the Mountain Cup competition in Villard de Lans Where I met 67 year old World Champion, Don jackson who still does big fast spins and double jumps (pictured 1), France and competed at USFS Adult Nationals in Lake Placid, NY and went to the Field Museum in Chicago, and passed my Gold moves in the field test and Bronze dance tests and took my senior free skater to regional USFS competition in Midland where I coached next to Carol Heiss and then on to Sectionals in Sugarland Texas and observed the explosion of the strange Comet Holmes and earned my Masters degree (Picture 5 with Meg).